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Youthphoria Ethereal Magnetic Eyelashes


Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes are the world’s first and only 6-micro-magnet lashes.

Plus, we have the most realistic and ultra-comfortable magnetic eyelashes on the market. And, that’s why we’re special!

While typical magnetic eyelash extensions may only have 3-4 magnets, our lashes have a superior 6 micro-magnets—meaning you’ll have a much better fit, catered for your eyes. And best of all, the magnets are 50% smaller, thinner and smoother than other brands on the market. Hello to discreet, secure, and ultra-comfortable lashes!

Good-bye itchy and irritated eyes!

Transition from day to night with ease with the Ethereal magnetic eyelash. It features a hint of glam while maintaining a natural length to instantly enhance your eyes.

Expert Opinion: Ethereal adds a soft wing to your eye without being too heavy or dramatic. This lash is a subdued version of a cat-eye look and elongates your eyes.

Due to our expertly-crafted magnetic liner formula, our magnetic eyelash is also sweat-proof, water-proof and wind-proof—meaning they’ll last all day and all night.

Magnets: 6 micro magnetic eyelashes
Signature Faux Silk 
Cloud-like comfort and an invisible sensation
Effect: Cat-eye
Density: 5D Full Russian Volume
Style: Flared
Glasses Compatible: No (some glasses may be suitable)
Eye Shapes: All eye shapes except downturned and wide-set eyes. Perfect for larger eyes (trim for petite eyes)
Uses: 30+ Wears
Length:  7-12mm (Medium)
Lash Diameter: 0.03mm
Long Band Width: 33mm

1 pair of magnetic lashes only






Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Step 1: Preparation Trim lash to fit if needed. Allow 2-10mm from the inner corner of your eye for a comfortable fit.
Step 2: Apply your Youthphoria eyeliner Apply 2-3 coats of magnetic lash-compatible eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliner is at least the thickness of the lash band and consistent along the entire lash line. Let the eyeliner semi-dry for around 15-30 seconds between coats. You want it to be about 80% dry before adding your lashes.
Step 3: Magnetise your lashes onto the magnetic eyeliner. Use Youthphoria’s lash applicator for a better grip and for visible placement of the magnetic lashes. Using your fingers, place the magnetic lashes on top of the liner you applied in step 2. Begin applying the lash from the inner corner (closest to the nose) to the outer corner of your lash line. Once positioned, firmly press the lashes onto the liner to ensure a secure connection


Signature Faux Silk 

3 reviews for Youthphoria Ethereal Magnetic Eyelashes

  1. Anj M.

    No more sticky glue and lashes falling off. These magnetic lashes are so easy to use and you can use them up to 30 times. Perfect for achieving a full lash in a quick and easy way.

  2. Olivia M.

    Comfy and easy to use! I wear these everyday because they are so simple to put on and take off. They create a cat-eye look and look incredible on my eyes.

  3. Maddie N.

    Perfect for keeping in your bag going from the office to a night out. I couldn’t recommend these magnetic lashes more. So easy to use and to take off, I will never go back to glueing fake lashes again.

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