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Whipd. Mr. Towel


Mr. Towel : Pack of 3

What is it? No ordinary  reusable towel! Soft, condensed nanofibres attract dirt like a magnet to lift off particles. The result is clean skin without any harsh ingredients.

Feels: Effortless, Soft, Clean reusable makeup removing pads reusable towels makeup cleanser eye makeup remover best makeup remover

– Reusable and Eco-friendly
– Boost skin circulation for healthier skin
– Proper cleansing helps against skin congestion
– Great for sensitive skin and children

Care: Hand wash or throw in the washing 30+. Wash before first use.

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

We love Whipd Nanofiber products for their versatility. There are a number of ways you can use them.
1. Wet your nanofiber tool with warm water. Gently massage in circular motions. Follow through with the rest of your skincare routine.
2. Apply your favourite cleanser (any type) and massage thoroughly.
3. Then wet your nanofiber tool with warm water and remove all traces of cleanser, makeup & SPF. Especially good for removing oil cleansers.
4. Use to effortlessly remove clay face masks. Wet your nanofiber tool with warm water. Let it melt the mask away and wipe.


Designed with dual layer fabric, our nanofiber density and length is created for optimal performance.


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