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The Fleek Brow Lamination Kit


Brow lamination is a very simple and straightforward process which focuses on creating shiny, smooth and styled brows. The treatment process locks your brows into your desired shape for up to 8 weeks, creating a full, feathery effect.

The fleek. kit contains 5 simple steps to achieve your perfectly styled brows. After cleansing and gluing your brows into your desired shape, the lifting cream will allow eyebrow hair to be easily brushed into their new shape. The fixing cream then sets your brows. To finish it off, the hydro oil will nourish your brows.

The fleek. kit will last you well over a year!fleek. Brow Lamination Kit Includes:
– fleek cosmetic bag
– 7ml Cleanser
– 7ml Glue Cream
– 5ml Lift Cream
– 5ml Fix Cream
– 7ml Hydrate
– 3 x Y Comb
– 10 x Application Brushes
– 5 x Spoolies

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Step 1 Cleanse to remove makeup, skincare, or natural oils from on and around your eyebrows. Apply Vaseline or paw paw cream around the eyebrow for isolation
Step 2 Apply Brow Glue to the eyebrows Shape brows using the brow tools.
TIP: It can be daunting, however, brush your brows up and outwards, as you can manipulate your hairs into your desired shape further in step 3&4 Leave for a couple of minutes.
Step 3 Apply Brow Lift to eyebrow, work in the product and shape using the brow tools. Cover with plastic wrap to accelerate the processing time. Allow processing for 8 – 12 minutes. Remove with the Y Comb or a dry cotton pad if easier! (try not to disturb the shape) Do not rinse.
Step 4 Apply Brow Fix and repeat the same process as with the Lift
TINTING The ideal time to tint your brows is straight after Step 4 . Place on one eyebrow at a time, the tint will take quickly as your hair follicles are open from the lamination process, take off quickly!
Step 5 Clean any residue with the Y comb when brows are dry. Apply Hydro and nourish your brows. Brows will be set within 24-hours. Avoid touching and reshaping. Do not wet
Take note of the timing for each step and adapt if required, like anything it can take practise! Dont forget to send you pics in!


#1 CLEANSER: methylparaben, purified water #1 CLEANSER: methylparaben, purified water
#2 GLUE: polyacrylate, purified water, deionized water, ethanol & benzoic acid
#3 LIFTING: purified water, polyacrylamide, thioglycolic acid, propylene glycol, mathylparaben & monoethanolamine
#4 FIXING: purified water, sodium bromate, polycrylamide,polysorbate, propylene glycol & methylparaben
#5 HYRDO BOOST: purified water, collagen, propylene glycol, methylparaben & polysorbate#2 GLUE: polyacrylate, purified water, deionized water, ethanol & benzoic acid


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