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Strands of Silk Eye Mask


Dermatologists recommend silk for those with sensitive skin, as it helps patients alleviate cases of breakouts and other skin conditions. It also regulates body temperature, leaving you feeling warm in the winter and cool in summer. Oh and did I mention it won’t absorb your expensive night creams, or leave you with pre-wrinkle creating face lines? So when you wake up your skin will be hydrated and smooth.

Size:  One size fits all

Available in 5 colours



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How to use

Our silky, undeniably luxurious silk eye masks are designed to improve your night’s sleep, while also promoting hydrated, healthy skin. Go on, start sleeping silky… your sleep deserves it.


00% mulberry silk from the inside out, our silk eye masks will block out the harshest light, giving you a deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Silk is also jam-packed full of the natural protein Sericin, which reduces the chance of an allergic reaction.


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