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Silk of Morocco Rose Gold 6 in 1 Professional Volumizing & Teasing Brush



This high-performance professional Rose Gold 6 in 1 Volumizing/Teasing brush is multipurpose and can be used either to Volumize, Style, Section, Tease, Detangle, & Smooth hair.

Say goodbye to FLAT hair days… and say Hello to BIG Hair Days!

• Innovative two-sided design with a pointed tip on handle, specially designed for sectioning hair during styling
• 24-hour smooth, styled & volumized hair with positive charge and lift throughout the day or night
• No more collapsing hair & bird-nest mess! Shark-shaped fins with negative charge leave your hair still packed with Volume but ultra-smooth and shiny


Tips from our ambassador

How to use

STEP 1: The Sectioning
Using the Handle (pointed end) Section your hair where you need VOLUME!
STEP 2: The Volumizing/Teasing
Hold the sectioned Hair firmly and using the POSITIVE charged volume side of the Brush (Black and White Bristles) push the Brush down a few times from the ends to the roots to create a Volumed Teased look (don’t stress it does look weird but not for long!)
STEP 3: The Smoothing
Now using the other side of the Brush – (white bristles) gently smooth over the volumed/Teased section to smooth and shape your hair to your desired look. By using the negative charge you are smoothing and promoting Shine without snagging, leaving the volume you created intact.
Repeat Step 1 – 3 on your hair until you are happy with your style! Happy BIG Hair day!
1. Remove hair and excess sebum off the brush
2. Lightly scrub the brush in a container of Mild Shampoo
3. Rinse with clean water
4. Shake away excess water and leave to fully dry with the bristles down


ABS Recyclable Plastic and 100% Natural Boar Bristles


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