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Scaevola go-Kera Boost


Are you ready for a strengthening hair treatment that actually delivers healthy hair that is protected to help it grow? Then choose go-Kera™ Boost!

go-Kera™ Boost contains the key nourishing ingredients Biotin and Folic Acid to promote and support hair growth and strength. With specifically chosen vitamins to add moisture to help your hair feel softer and look shinier.

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Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Adult Dosage : Take 2 capsules per day with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Enough for a month supply.


Ingredients per capsule :
Vitamin A – 600 mcg, Vitamin C – 45 mg, Vitamin E – 10 mg, Vitamin D3 – 5 mcg, Vitamin B1 – 1,2 mg, Vitamin B2 – 1,3 mg, Niacin – 16 mg Pantothenic Acid – 5 mg, Vitamin B6 – 1,3 mg, Biotin – 2,5 mg, Folic Acid – 240 mcg, Vitamin B12 – 2,4 mcg, Zinc – 7 mg, Copper – 900 mcg, Chromium – 35 mcg, Selenium – 34 – mcg, Iron – 14 mg, Orthosilicic acid – 10mg
OTHER INGREDIENTES (Capsule) : Gelatine, Titanium dioxide, Artificial colour and Water.
Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, lactose, nuts, yeast, egg, trans fat, saturated fat, artificial flavours, sugar, sodium or MSG.


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