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HTZ Hot Teaze Hair Revolution


The htz Hot Teaze is a revolution in hair design!
Its unique ergonomic design creates volume at the roots on women with thin hair.
The shape of the htz Hot Teaze eliminates the need for sectioning and lifts the hair from the scalp which achieves an effective result that can last up to two to three days.
Easy to use, fast and safe; the htz Hot Teaze helps deliver voluminous styling in just a few minutes.
Box includes htz Hot Teaze volumizer tool, protective case and htz Root Lift spray.

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

The htz Hot Teaze allows you to get close to your hairs roots, creating texture at the base which builds volume.

The result is enhanced shape, lift and bounce that flat, lifeless hair has not experienced before.

Combined with htz Root Lift spray, the htz Hot Teaze creates a noticeable difference and holds for well beyond the day ahead.


Each htz Hot Teaze comes beautifully boxed, complete with Tip Protector, htz Root Lift Spray and user manual providing important tips on handling your new htz Hot Teaze properly; caring for it, and helpful styling tips that will give you years of service and beautiful hair.


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