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hairCAPsule I've been to Paisley - Black ‘Silky Eyes’ Reversible Eye Mask



Get your beauty sleep and facial all-in-one with our ‘Silky Eyes’ Reversible Silk Mask, otherwise known as ‘There are 2 sides to every story’.

This eye mask serves as a do-not-disturb, block out to help improve quality of sleep, while 100% Mulberry silk in 19 momme [mom-ee] Charmeuse weave works its magic on your skin by assisting in delicately hydrating, preventing wrinkles & creasing, and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Designed with a padded inner, and a 3mm tubular piping around the mask’s frame, and scrunched/ gathered soft elastic band back-strap for comfort that fits comfortably to your head while you rest and recharge. There are some beautiful silk masks available, but we believe that ours is distinctive. hairCAPsule’s™ ’Silky Eyes’ Reversible Silk Mask is one of few reversible silk masks that includes two designs for the price of one. Offering you a unique hairCAPsule™ print on one side, and beautiful plain colour on the other.

Why not match your silk mask with our 100% Mulberry silk haircap, scrunchies, and pillowcase to experience the benefits of silk against your hair and skin?

The ‘Silky Eyes’ Reversible Silk Mask is, One Size Fits All, with a non-stretch, general circumference measurement of 52cm (20 ½ inches) and stretches to 72cm (28 1/3 inches).

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Place on eyes before you go to sleep


100% Mulberry silk in 19 momme [mom-ee] Charmeuse weave


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