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Dulge Portable USB Charging 2 In 1 Hair Straightener Curler


Did you ever have the situation or experience that your hair needed a quick TOUCH UP before an important meeting or before seeing someone special, or before joining a party? Only you ended up realizing that you did not have any Styler as your regular hair styler is too big and messy with codes to carry!

Discover the power of hairstyling freedom with the USB charging Cordless Portable Hairstyling Device from DULGE. Now you can style your hair any place life takes you any time of the day or night.


  • Freedom. A cordless styling tool lets you style anywhere, anytime. Great for touch-ups in the car, in a restroom, at the office, or at any other place.
  • small enough to fit in your purse or your gym bag. Its compact size will take less space in your suitcase than regular heat styling appliances.
  • You to style your hair without a power outlet. The rechargeable battery makes it portable and suitable for traveling, work, outings etc.
  • It is the perfect tool to make you photo-ready on special occasions.
  • Convenient than regular hair straighteners. The absence of a cord allows you to focus on the desired results instead of constantly dealing with a tangled cord.
  • Having no cord lets you handle the styler most comfortably and conveniently that works for you.
  • Convenient charging comes with a USB cable, so you can charge your flat iron with any device that has a USB outlet.


  • Three adjustable levels of temperature control. 
  • It takes around 2 hours to charge and runs for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • The titanium flat iron ceramic heater assures the optimum styling temperature at all times for ultimate results.
  • LED display of power and temperature. 3D comb teeth
  • Heat insulation design on the top effectively prevents hot, secure use.
  • 2 In 1 . It can be used as a hair curler and a hair straightener.
  • A double heating plate makes seconds of rapid heating possible.
  • Manufacthigh by high-quality PC and ABS material.
  • it’s portable and durable.
  • USB charging type, cordless and intelligent.
  • Powered by 2400mAh built-in lithium battery.
  • The plate width is wide enough for long, thick hair yet narrow enough for short hair or bangs.

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

This device is designed for touch-ups at work, when travelling, after the gym, or at a party. 
SO PLEASE DO NOT expect this will deliver a Professional hairstyle. But, you can certainly use this tool to smooth out your hair.
Women with short, fine, or straight hair can use them for styling.
Those with long, thick hair may find it taking a bit longer time to freshen up their hairstyle.  Only use when the device is unplugged.


Titanium flat iron ceramic heater.


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