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hairCAPsule 'Minny Shower CAPsule’ aka THE MINNY SHIC KIDS SHOWER CAP


We are passionate about our products, and we believe that we can introduce good practices to our children, early on. Our ‘Minny Shower CAPsule’ aka ‘The Minny Shic shower CAP’, is a sure way to keep your little one’s hair happy in H20…and looking like mum, which always delights them.

Perfect for use in the shower, bath, beach, or pool for full hair coverage in a fun pattern that you and your darling will love! This no-slip, waterproof, quick drying shower cap is designed to fit with ease, encapsulating all hair and sit comfortably on their gorgeous heads. Cute! Designed in a neo-classic re-created turban style (just like mums’) that keeps their hair dry and stays secure while showering. ‘Minny Shower CAPsule’ also comes with a BONUS reusable travel pouch for water protection on-the go.

The ‘Minny Shower CAPsule’ is One Size Fits All, with a general circumference of 50cm (19.6 inches) and stretches to 66cm (26 inches)Not only will you help our planet by saving on plastics and water, but your purchase also allows you to donate to one of our selected charities. Check out our i=Change for more info.

hairCAPsule™ ‘Minny Shower CAPsule’ is Design Registered AU, NZ, UK, EU, USA.


Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Designed with a flattering front band that forms a peak at the centre front of the forehead and widens as it wraps around to the ears. The band continues around to encase a soft but secure internal elastic at the sides to allow for stretch and fit around the ears. At the back of the cap, there is a flat panel, so there isn’t any bunch up, but sits flat against the nape of the neck with a silicon- backed flat panel to ensure no leaks. Additionally, the cap has an inverted pleat at the front which allows expansion for the material over the head, covering the top, to ensure hair fits in and is covered during their shower.


hairCAPsule™ shower caps are made from 100% Recycled Polyester, with silicon and elastic components that can be re-purposed, so you can feel good knowing that your shower cap won’t contribute to landfill at the end of use. See hairCAPsule™’s ‘RETURN TO GOOD’ program on how we re-purpose our products. AND finally, using ‘’Minny Shower CAPsule’ will save water by reducing time in the bath or shower . Help save this beautiful planet of ours (every little contribution helps)


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