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Amoris Microfibre Hair Wrap


Your hair dries more quickly? With less blow drying? Your head stays warm and cosy as your hair dries? Hair Turbans can be used daily? YES, YES, YES AND YES! 

Gentle, super soft microfibre hair towel wrap that locks in moisture!

It’s highly absorbent & removes excess water from the hair before air or blow-drying!

It removes the need for excessive rubbing of the hair which can cause damage/breakage!

Keeps wet hair out of your face while cleansing, applying skincare or doing your makeup
Reduces frizz, friction & fly-aways from regular towel usage!
Amoris gives back from every sale with i=change!

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Recommended use: Apply hair mask to your hair and cover with the Turban for 10-15 minutes (or up to 2 hours for more intense results!) before rinsing for an intense boost of hydration. (WORKS BEST WITH THE AMORIS BEAUTY REJUVENATING HAIR MASK)


Not tested on animals Vegan Cruelty Free SLS Free Paraben Free


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