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Lash Shield Lash Extension Contour Sleep Mask


It’s time to protect your precious Lash Extensions or Lash Lifts with the Lash Extension Contour Sleep Mask, commonly known as the “Lash Bra”.

With an innovative contour, our sleep mask are designed to preserve your lashes, increase their longevity and curve while reducing the frequency of infill appointments.

On average a person will move 13 times an hour while sleeping, our Lash Extension Contour Sleep Mask will ensure your lashes are safe from tossing, turning and pressure imprints from your sleeping style or pillow.

Our Sleep Mask include a complimentary satin carry bag to keep your sleep mask safe while at home and when traveling.

Reasons you will love it? 

  • soft, lightweight material made from 3D memory foam
  • longer lasting lash fullness and less refill appointments
  • hair-safe head strap
  • versatile for all: flying, light-sensitive sleepers or migraine sufferers
  • improved quality of sleep with our light-blocking and calming qualities
  • complimentary satin carry bag for home or travel


Our Lash Extension Contour Sleep Mask is designed with an adjustable velco strap that fits around all head sizes.


Tips from our ambassador

How to use

Hand wash in cold water separately and air dry flat in shade. Use a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry


Soft, lightweight material made from 3D memory foam


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