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Eyes are considered to be the window to the soul, so it’s no surprise that the perfect trifecta for today’s personal beauty regime focuses on the BIG features that highlight our eyes:

ByBigHair is a game-changing beauty eCommerce site for the novice to the professional, inspiring even the “Everyday Girl” to take a leap of faith to achieve professional results for her hair, brows and lashes!

According to the eCommerce Industry Report, in 2020, 4 Million households in Australia purchased online from Health & Beauty, which is an increase of 57% from the year prior.

Recognising this opportunity and a gap in the market, ByBigHair offers a solution for hair, brows and lash products under the one umbrella, accompanied by self-explanatory DIY tutorials. With the impact that covid has had on Australia, ByBigHair has chosen to work with Australia owned and operated suppliers.

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I have lived in the Melbourne area for most of my life, with a business background that has allowed me to navigate several sectors. For the past 10 years, I have been in the hospitality industry that has offered me the privilege of in person interaction with customers.

When covid hit, I was still facing the public every day and I was challenged with the dilemma of handling my beauty regimes by myself, from hair treatments and styling, to enhancing my brows to applying eyelash extensions and more.

As a result, I spent many hours online searching sites to find the perfect products for me with complementary and “easy to follow” tutorials and reviews to accomplish the looks I wanted without the help of a professional. All I could think about was how to streamline the whole process under the one website achieving the perfect look.

This is how ByBigHair was born!

ByBigHair is a passion of mine, as is supporting my fellow Australian business owners so it was important for me to partner with only the best in the business that are also Australian owned and operated.

Thank you for your support!

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