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Strands of Silk Heatless Hair Curling Kit


If you’re a low-maintenance gal who loves a cute curl, but wants to shy away from hours of styling and heat damage, then heatless curls are your perfect match.

The new heatless curler is a quick and easy way to wake up with flawless curls, ready to conquer the day. Using a mulberry silk curling ribbon, your hair will be protected from frizz and split ends while you sleep.

Tips from our ambassador

How to use

1. Dampen hair & secure ribbon Lightly dampen your hair and place the ribbon at the top of your head, securing it with the claw clip. 2. Twist hair Beginning at the top of your head, twist your hair around the ribbon, incorporating more hair in the twist as you move down to the ends of your hair. 3. Sleep! Secure the ends with the scrunchies and repeat on the other side. Then all you have to do is remove the clip and sleep! 4. Reveal gorgeous curls! Remove the scrunchies and lift the ribbon up, shaking out your curls as you lift.


The pack includes: 1 x silk curling ribbon 2 x white satin scrunchies to secure your hair at the base 1 x super cute clear clip to secure your hair while you twirl it in place

3 reviews for Strands of Silk Heatless Hair Curling Kit

  1. Annie V.

    Ahhhh it’s so hard to achieve a cute curl but this curling kit is so easy to use. I have bleached hair and my hair can get damaged easily so sometimes curling irons are out of the question. It’s made of mulberry silk which doesn’t damage your hair, important when it comes to caring for your hair.

  2. Carly L.

    Perfect curls while you sleep? Yes please! This product is so simple and effective, I can’t believe it.

  3. Alice T.

    If you’re busy but want stunning curls, this is the product for you! Simply get your beauty sleep with this curling kit in your hair and it takes 30 seconds to remove in the morning – perfect for busy gals who want curls without the time or the damage.

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